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My fiancée’s condition has slowly improved since starting the Jobelyn. Right before we ordered our first supply, she was in a pretty bad state. She spent about 50% of her life in the hospital. At one point, we were in the hospital more than out and frequently, on the day we went home from the hospital, we wouldn’t even make it home before the pain got so bad that we had to turn around and go right back to the hospital. Back then, her hemoglobin usually ran in the low-to-mid 7s. Well, it’s now about three and a half months later. Along the way, she’s had only one hospital visit, and the crisis wasn’t nearly as severe as the previous ones. Her hemoglobin reached as high as 8.7! I can’t remember the last time her hemoglobin has been this high since I met her about 4 years ago! Nothing else has really changed in her routines except for taking Jobelyn. The last hemoglobin count she had done (while in the hospital, in crisis), was 8.3.

Marc Milline, USA


“I have had a magical return of PCV from 21 to 32 within eight days of operating on a patient with ectopic pregnancy”.

Dr. J. A. Adagba – Chief Medical Officer Makurdi Polyclinic Ltd. Makurdi


“In my opinion, the drug Jubi Formula (now Jobelyn) has a catalytic effect. It may well be the first in a new line of drugs which will have this catalytic effect. By this I mean drugs which when present in the body even in minute amounts may not directly kill any germ or eliminate any toxins, but will spur the body’s immune system to action and may also greatly influence the production of immune cells and other blood cells”

Dr. Christian Ezeofor (BM, B. CH, UNN) Sandra Hospital


“…..My PCV went up from 29% to 34% and I am very pleased with the result after one month’s use”.

Mrs. Hilda Ogbe- Benin City


“So it seems. At least, studies have shown that it works against any ailment that has to do with blood”.

Yemi Olowolabi – Tell Magazine. “


Quite often in the past, fatigue was my problem, but after using the herbal blood tonic, I discovered I’m now invigorated, bouncing with vitality. Also, I have found the formula to be diuretic, that is, it promotes the excretion of urine as well as being sedative”

Dr. Charles Obinwanor, Medical Director, Golden Heart hospital, Ojota, Lagos


‘It is with great pleasure I write to you, re the great improvement of my son’s health. There has been such a drastic turn around in his condition that the doctors are even amazed themselves. I gave the Jobelyn to him yesterday around 5p.m. 3 capsules, and saw results within a few hours. Since then, his appetite has increased, he has greater levels of energy, and is now walking normally compared to when he was basically bed ridden for long periods of time as well as having to use a wheelchair for transit purposes. Due to this development the doctors have mentioned that there is a possibility that he may even go home tomorrow after being in the hospital for going onto 2 1/2 wks. Although the pains have not totally gone, there has been a remarkable improvement overall’

Sickle Cell Anemia Patient from FLORIDA- O.S Florida, USA


An American, whose wife is an associate professor in the department of occupational therapy, Boston University, Massachusetts, USA. He had Acute Myeloid Leukemia, refractory type M-O. He received three courses of chemotherapy between October and January 1996 -1997. Two weeks after the last chemotherapy, his leukemia relapsed. He subsequently underwent a bone marrow transplant, but the leukemia relapsed later. He went for another protocol in which he received lymphocyte infusion (helper – T cells) followed by three weeks of interleuken 2 injections. In spite of all these, his blasts continued to increase and the haematocrit kept going down. He was transfused with two pints of whole blood every other day. He also received multiple platelet transfusions. His case was dismissed by his doctors at Dana Farber Cancer Centre (one of the best two cancer centers in the world) as irredeemable. He was given two days to live after discharge from hospital. His wife, Elsie, placed an order for Jobelyn capsules through the internet. Samples of Jobelyn were sent to her and were administered on her husband who was admitted for acute myeloid leukemia at Dana Farber Cancer Institute Boston. He was already discharged and given two to three days at most to die because his body rejected all the blood transfused. Jobelyn helped to prolong his life for more than he was expected to live. Though the patient is now deceased, his condition while on this therapy could best be summarized in the spouse’s own words

“The Jubi Formula (now Jobelyn) definitely stabilized his haematocrit for as long as he took it and it may have prolonged his life a few weeks. Having been able to keep him alive for a month after they thought he was going to die was worth it.

Dr. Elsie R. Vergara (Associate Professor) Boston University Mass. USA



DR. (MRS) E: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Dr. Ekpo and I am a medical doctor. I know it is not the norm of medical doctors to go ahead and talk about a drug without showing evidence. Usually it has to be hard evidence, laboratory evidence, clinical trials and all kind of things. But I’m going to talk from personal experience. have a daughter who is a sickler. She is 5 years old now. We didn’t know she was a sickler until her 2nd birthday. At that time when she came down with a crisis it was very difficult to know what to do because as a doctor, you’re like my daughter can’t fall ill, how can this happen to me, how can it happen to my own children. But at that time she was treated with drugs in the hospital. She was on admission and stuffs like that. Then about few months later, Dr. Ayesimoju told us about Jobelyn and we decided to go ahead and look for it and try it. At first, we were skeptical about it because I haven’t heard about it and I haven’t heard about any clinical trial that have been done with it. But after about a year we decided to go ahead. Before that year by the time she was between the age of 2 and 3 she was having crisis every six weeks. Every six weeks it was almost like pre-planned, she will come down with one crisis or the other. But after she started Jobelyn, the crisis started reducing as in it wasn’t that she wouldn’t have any pain because you know children, they play, they forget to drink water, those are the things that really a sickler shouldn’t do but when she does have her crisis, once she takes Jobelyn, the crisis goes within 24 hours everything has gone down. Normally, her crisis would last for about a week, ten days sometimes. But with Jobelyn her crisis has gone down. It’s so good that she herself knows that Jobelyn actually helps her. So when she has a crisis or when she has any pain or she feels tired, she takes 2 capsules every morning normally, instead of taking 2 capsules in the morning, she will say mummy please just give me my Jobelyn in the evening as well. If I forget, before she sleeps, she comes to me, Mummy I’ve not taken my Jobelyn this evening, can I have my Jobelyn. Apart from my younger daughter, I have an older daughter who is also 9. She takes it every morning one capsule for general well-being. Since she started Jobelyn, since both of them started Jobelyn, I have had less cause to go to the hospital. I don’t like taking my children to the hospital because it doesn’t tell well on a doctor. If you can’t look after your own children who is anybody else to believe you can look after their own. But with Jobelyn, because Jobelyn is a herbal preparation, it doesn’t leave any toxic substance in your liver, it doesn’t give your kidneys more work to do and because it’s completely nature, it’s just the best for our bodies and I do recommend that everybody at least try it. If you are not ill then take it for general well-being. If you are ill, you doubly do need it, thank you.



Dear Moses,
Thank you so much for helping our son Todd, with what proved to be a life saving product, Todd was able to go ahead last week and have his kidney removed, because his blood level was at 10.2, so really grateful for your remarkable product! Doctors wouldn’t let me have the blood results. As promised here is my story about our son and your life saving product. I first began to notice a change in Todd at the end of 2002,Todd was just 3 years old and learning to toilet train himself, it was at this time I noticed that his urine was cloudy. We where told by the doctor that he had a urine infection and should take these antibiotics to clear it up. It didn’t in fact it got worse, his color looked like that of a ghost, he was chronically tired all the time, and running a high temperature, a very distressing time for any parent.

We finally found out the problem in March 2003, he had 16 kidney stones in his right kidney caused by the proteus bacteria, on top of that an abscess had form around his kidney, which had caused his blood cell count to drop to a dangerous level of just 6 (normal is 15) what’s more the surgeons told me that Todd could die if they didn’t transfuse him with blood, so they could perform a life saving operation on him. That was our biggest challenge of all, my wife is a Jehovah’s Witness, so no blood on religious grounds, and mine is no blood on health grounds, since there are many complications with transfusions that aren’t often told by Doctors. The Doctors gave me just 5 weeks to get Todd’s blood up to 10 other wise they would issue a ward of court and have him transfused They all so said that given the state of the infection it would not be possible to build his blood up naturally! ut they allowed me a chance to try. I went home switched on my computer, prayed for God’s help, and began searching the web for natural blood builders and found a product in Africa called Jobelyn which claimed to build blood levels up in 7 days, with nothing to lose I contacted the owner and began using the product on Todd. Six weeks later we went back to Great Ormond st Hospital in London to have blood tests taken, the first thing I noticed about Todd after just one week on it was his color returning, but can you imagine how shocked the Doctors where when they found Todd’s blood was now 10.2, but it wasn’t just his cell count that had improved, but his entire blood profile! How did you manage such a thing asked the Doctors, when I explained though you could see the shutters coming down, typical medical response I thought.Still thanks to your life saving product Todd was able to have his kidney removed and is making progress. Our Family our very grateful in making this product available to the whole world.


Marc Manklow Hampshire England.

‘This product is incredible! My cellulite disappeared! I am slightly Anemic and Jobelyn gave me an incredible amount of natural energy all day long. This is one of the best products that I have ever used’.

Shani Venzen San Leandro, CA 94578

‘I’m watching my cellulite disappear!’

–Brooke Gutherie, NY, USA

It is a pleasure writing You. Infact, I am really overwhelmed and really moved as am writing you this peace. If you would recall I was in your office sometime ago, I told you about my younger brother who happens to be a sickler. Precisely in 1997 he started using jubi formula (that was the name back then) and do you know that till date, he still uses it. I am married and now live in the United States with my husband but my worry is how he could cope. Every time my mind is not always at peace when I think about him having crisis while am away. But to my surprise infact, he is even healthier and more stronger than his older brother. Can you imagine. I always tell him even if theres no food on the table make sure you have jubi, because that is life. I am so very grateful to this wonderful and miraculous drug and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Like I said before, he has been taking Jubi since 1997 and now he will be 29 years in September. I cannot be happier when I call and he tells me he is doing just fine and he needs to get another supply for the month. I do not hesitate to assist with whatever I can because I know Jubi (Jobelyn) is LIFE. He has never taken any blood transfusion as perculiar to sicklers. All the crisis that he always gets every now and then has disappeared.

Once again, thank you.

From A. O. O, Houston Texas, 77042


I just got to know about this supplement last month.I stumbled over it by the grace of God. I have listened to every interview given to Otunba Olajunwon Okubena on the Lagos TV channel and I believed him. Based on what I know about sorghum grasses and its medicinal values, put no doubt in my mind that Jobelyn is Christ answer to my prayer. I ordered for five bottles from Amazon, which is the only place I could buy it considering where I live and i have being using it since then for the joint pain and arthritis.Jobelyn took care of the inflammation, pain and stiffness instantaneously. I do not use crutches or cane to walk anymore and all within two weeks. .I carry my bottle of Jobelyn everywhere I go. I have to thank Otunba for his wisdom to take the drug to higher level so everyone can benefit in the world. I have not stopped telling people who are in pain to use JOBELYN . It works!

C.O. from Boston, USA


Dear sir,
‘Am obliged to get a reply to my testimony directly from Otunba Okubena himself! Thank, thank, and thank you many times. My household is now using Jobelyn. My family in Nigeria are included. I sent my sister to the company at Ikeja to buy three months usage for my mother. My sister said you came out to talk to to her about her own problem and what to do about it.This is what Jesus would do. I have called the phone# for the USA company but nobody respond. That is not going to stop me from ordering ten more bottles because i have only one bottle left.I still watch you on internet everyday for more directives on the herb. I do not know why i am telling you these narrations. I know it is the joy and happiness of not having excruciating pain anymore. When i do visit Lagos, i shall come to thank you myself but for now i give my regards.


C.O. from Boston, USA Wed, 15 Aug 2012 17:48:58



Michael , sure I have also sent several families from the sickle cell group and family members to the site to buy. My son takes 12 Jobelyn a day and has been asymptomatic since we put him on that dose. Below that he was having mild (needing no pain meds) but aching symptoms. He has sickle cell. I will try to reduce the dose after this case runs out. My sister in law also recently bought a case and is using it to help with ADHD she says it’s helping.



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