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Q.1. Why does Jobelyn® improve health? Over time, multiple factors weigh down the immune system and eventually throw it out of balance. Among the typical multiple stressors are toxic metals (mercury leaching from fillings, aluminum); petrochemical, pesticide, and fertilizer residues; chemical pollutants (in the water and air); electromagnetic pollution (power lines); undiagnosed food allergies; nutritional deficiencies; biochemical imbalances; insufficient exercise; and emotional stress (family, job, and personal). All these factors impinge on the immune system’s natural vitality and lowering the body’s resistance illness. These factors interact and compound each other to break down the immune system and cause disharmony. In fact, these stressors may be accumulating for years. Jobelyn does not attack diseases directly in your body. It recognizes that the body has a natural defense mechanism in the white blood cells. In most disease conditions, the status of these cells has been compromised and the immune system is weakened. Jobelyn strengthens the immune system and invigorates it’s ability to defend the body.*

Q.2. Can Jobelyn® provide a cure for Sickle-Cell Anemia? We do not claim that Jobelyn® can cure sickle-cell anemia, but it may prevent patients from having the crises normally associated with this disease. It increases appetite, assisting in weight gain, and maintains the general well-being of the patients. Can I combine Jobelyn with other orthodox or herbal remedies or multivitamins? Jobelyn has not been known to have side-effects or contra-indications and can therefore be combined with other medical products both orthodox and natural. However, we advise caution when serious illnesses like cancer are being treated with chemotherapy drugs, as this has negative effects on the immune system which Jobelyn tries to repair. The effect of combining Jobelyn with this type of treatment is a slowed positive effect on the patient.

Q.3. Is Jobelyn® toxic? Does it have side effects or contraindications? Our research studies support the claim that Jobelyn® is non-toxic and is well tolerated by most patients. It is not known to have any contra-indications.

Q.4. Is there a limit to the period during which I can use Jobelyn®? Jobelyn® can be administered over an indefinite period of time.

Q.5. Do you recommend Jobelyn® for children and pregnant women? Jobelyn® in the capsule form is recommended for children above the age of 5 years. Special powder sachet to be reconstituted in water is recommended for children below the age of 5. Alternately, the content of a capsule can be reconstituted in 120ml of water and given to children at the rate of 15ml (three times a day) oer the course of 2 days. Jobelyn is being successfully administered to pregnant women. Reports from medical doctors claim that it has been a substitute for blood transfusion in cases of pregnant women who have low hemoglobin.

Q.6. After getting relief from my problem, should I still continue using Jobelyn? The use of Jobelyn® is recommended after relief from your ailment on a prophylactic basis.

Q.7. How quickly does Jobelyn provide relief for chronic fatigue? After a period of 48 hours positive changes on a chronic fatigue patient may be noticed.*

Q.8. Should I continue with the use of Jobelyn if I am bleeding? It is not recommended that a patient having any form of bleeding should continue to use Jobelyn without a doctors’ intervention.

Q.9. Should I inform my doctor when using Jobelyn? It is advisable for patients to disclose to their healthcare practitioners when using Jobelyn®.

Q.10. I am not ill, why should I use Jobelyn®? Illness does not occur suddenly. It develops gradually within the system and signs of physical manifestation may not show initially. It is only when the deterioration gets to a peak that signs and symptoms of illness are noticed.

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